Routine Maintenance

• We perform all factory-scheduled maintenance as specified in your owners/maintenance manual. Your vehicle’s factory warranty stays in place even with an independent shop performing the service.

• All parts and fluids are either OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or better. When specific fluids are specified, we keep them in stock.

• Transmission services on “unserviceable, lifetime fluid units” for far less than dealer pricing.


Routine Repairs


• Brake Repairs. Not just quick parts replacement, but complete, comprehensive repair, cleaning, de-corroding and lubrication. WNY winters attack brake parts and the result is brake parts that don’t move together well, wheels that require a hammer to remove, lug nut that feel like they were tightened by Andre the Giant. When we do a brake service, this is no longer a concern. Hub surfaces are cleaned and treated, bolt holes anti-seized, caliper sliding pins are lubricated and pin bores are honed if necessary, and pad backing plates and metal surfaces treated with copper anti-seize.

• Clutch Replacement

• Leak Repairs – oil, power steering and transmission leaks.

• Tire Sales, Mounting and Balancing – we are a Tire Rack dealer, and we’re using high-end equipment to mount and balance wheels and tires up to 22” in diameter.

• Independent extended warranties. We honor these, and take care of the estimates,
the calls and the payment arrangements.



Full Diagnostic Capabilities

• Not only can we read, diagnose and reset check engine lights, but we have the equipment to go MUCH further. We own no fewer than 4 scan tools covering every make and model of European automobile made from 1996, and our equipment can communicate with some of the earlier models.
We know the problems that European car owners face when they see this Until now, Western New Yorkers who own a European car have had two choices:


  1. Take their car and an open credit card to the dealer and get charged high market rates due to their being no competition in WNY. There is one BMW dealer, one Audi dealer, one MB dealer, one Porsche dealer, and three VW dealers.
  2. Their other choice is to bring their car to a general repair shop (Midas, Pep Boys, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc.) and have a low-paid general auto mechanic work on their $30,000-$60,000 car, with limited knowledge and tools to do the job right. It’s easy to pull an engine code, and start throwing parts a problem. It’s a lot more involved when actual diagnostics need to be performed, and in the long run, less expensive and time-consuming.


• We can communicate not just with your engine computer, but also your brake, ABS, HVAC, airbag, radio, navigation, alarm system, central locking, headlamp, suspension, traction control systems and many more.

• Full still image/video borescope services using the latest offering from Snap On tools.

• We have the ability to do the EVAP leak and intake/vacuum/turbo leak testing the proper way, by using an inert smoke generator.


Our Diagnostic Tools

With today's modern automotive electronics, if you don't have the proper diagnostic scanners and tools, you are not going to be able to properly repair any vehicle. That's why we have the tools necessary along with expert mechanics to diagnose and repair your car! A few of our tools are:


• Autel DS708 (all European and Asian)

• Ross Tech Vag-Com (full, registered and genuine for VW and Audi)

• Durametric for Porsche. Able to communicate with any Porsche built from 1989 and up.

• Actron for general code reading.

• Snap On Vantage Pro for monitoring individual sensors on pre-OBDII cars, and for when a hand held oscilloscope is needed.



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