Performance Modifications / Computer Tuning

• We offer GIAC Performance Programs - GIAC is a software engineering company with 17 years experience tuning cars. We are known for creating "factory smooth" performance software with exceptional power and reliability. Our software replaces the standard software in your car’s engine control unit. It is programmed to adjust ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and/or speed limiters to optimize performance and, in some applications, fuel economy.

Performance-tuned programs are designed to dramatically increase torque and HP without sacrificing smooth drivability. Many programs are also created to accommodate numerous after market performance modifications. In many cases, you will see a 30% increase in your vehicle’s horsepower and torque figures, and it’s usually accomplished within 90 minutes.

• Supercharger installation – we offer PES-Tuning’s G4 supercharger system for your Audi equipped with a 4.2L V8 engine:

• Porsche modifications using parts by Fabspeed -

• Brake upgrades – Stoptech, Brembo, Porsche Big Reds

• Clutch upgrades – Southbend, Spec and Clutchmasters.

• Intake and exhaust modifications

• Some custom machining is also available



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